temporary ceiling cover by ShieldWorks | dukeplastic
When it comes to design and installation of interior protection systems for dust and debris containment, ShieldWorks provides unsurpassed protection for employees, equipment, and inventory. ShieldWorks has successfully provided reliable interior protection for companies like Microsoft, Nissan, and Campbell’s during roof replacements and construction renovations for over a decade.----At ShieldWorks, we take pride in delivering the safest and highest quality protection systems for our clients. Our purpose is to help you navigate the process and find the right answers for your unique interior protection needs. Using our experience and knowledge of general contracting, we work side by side with architects, consultants and roofing professionals to give you the best possible solutions. Contact our team today and we’ll show you how our shield installations work to Protect your employees, Prevent product contamination and damage to inventory, Eliminate costly production shutdowns, Maintain a clean and safe work environment during any type of construction activities.


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