StockKosh is known a software which provides you with the stock of 50,000stock graphics, small Icons, transparent images as well as SVG Graphics. So you can feel free to use any of them to create eye-catching videos, convey your business’ message clearly and effectively, attract people’s attention, create more sales and profit. In StockKosh the you are getting 35,000 HD Images for just $24.95 + 1110+ Graphic Template + 665 Transparent PNGs + 125 Animated Characters + 125 Static Characters + 120 Whiteboard SVG Graphic + 150+ Animated Icons + Early Bird Bonus of 3000+ Images StockKosh is created by Reshu Singhal. She is known as a Sales Video Specialist, a Dreamer and an Entrepreneur. She has been around the Launch circle since last 8 months doing Sales Videos, Demo Videos, Teaser Videos and Pre-Launch Videos. In the process, she collected and made a Giant Size Library of Graphics, Animations, HD Videos, Background Videos, Vectors, Audio Tracks, Cliparts, Icons, Characters and so much more called StockKosh.


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