This is a terrific safety seat protector for pet dogs!1. It keeps the pet hair (and periodic puke) off of my seats while still permitting me to seat belt my pet dogs in,2. The hammock style makes it really easy for my 12 year old 70 pound laboratory mix to lay comfortably without worry of falling off the seat and onto the floor,3. The hammock design likewise helps keep the chihuahua from leaning into the front and grabbing my drink or treat,4. I can quickly hide items in my car out of view on the floor of the rear seats under the hammock,5. It was SUPER simple to install. I highly recommend this item to all my good friends and family with family pets.The hammock design likewise assists keep the feline carriers from walking around and I think restricting the cats view on trips to the veterinarian helps keep their stress down a little.


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