http://www.YesMoses.com-MCA Make Money-How To Earn Money With MCAIn this video I am going to show you How To Earn Money With MCA and with any other business.The first thing you need is not traffic as most teach.1. You need your own custom built funnel to be able to promote MCA .Most people will say , it is hard to build funnel , no there is a software that I use to build my own funnel called clickfunnels.very easy to use.2. You need traffic and this can be in the form of facebook ads, pay per click traffic, youtube traffic, solo ads , instagram etc.3. You need to build a LIST so you need an autoresponder.I usegetresponse and aweber and you can use anyone of them.4.You need to know how to convert those leads in to buying customers.Once you have these 4 ingredience in place , you will be able to make consistent sales.5. Training platform for your team members-this could be facebook, webinars, youtube live etc.this is important you help your team members , so they also start making money and never quit.Thats it and hope I was able to help you on this video on How to Earn money with MCA --------------------


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