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An enormously elegant wood burning stove with fantasy features. Made in black steel.Height in mm: 1096Width in mm: 529Depth in mm: 390Weight in kg approx .: 88BImSchV - Guaranteed Clean!ORANGE wood stoves always have the cleanest combustion with very low emissions and are in accordance with the amendment 1.BImSchV of 22/03/2010. This ensures a good investment in the future.Fireplace with profiled ceramicsThe profiled ceramics in the combustion chamber not only look good but also very solid, it promotes the desired turbulence of the combustion gases for even more clean combustion. Automatic air supplyAir supply with automatic setting. Adapts the optimal combustion air to wood and lignite briquettes.24h DauerbetriebA special feature of quality and environmental friendliness. Can be closed for 24 hours. Use only specified and permitted fuels!Capacity 88m³The heating capacity is used to select the correct heater2-point lockThe 2-point latch prevents door deformation through high temperatures.Cold gripThe ergonomically designed handle with its internal air circulation provides a cooling access during firing.External air supplyConnection for external air supply. In modern homes with eg a WTW installation, you must remove the air from the outside so that there is no vacuum in the living area. This requires an optional external air supply.Clean pane aeration.A controlled airflow prevents condensation and the deposition of flue gases on the glass. This keeps the glass clean.3-fold air supplyThe special ORANIER 3 compartment air supply system provides optimum metered air supply, particularly clean and efficient combustion is the desired result.Wood lengthOrange combustion chambers are designed for conventional wood lengths of 25 to 40 cm


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