Ultimate LevelDesigned for the players who have already reached the maximum level, the Ultimate Level allows the players to upgrade their Talent Level. For each every 5 Talent points you can upgrade a new Skill. Certainly, ultimate players deserve ultimate equipment. So, Lv. 70 Equipment items can be upgraded up to 5 more times using Crimson Spinels. Ultimate Equipment has extra bonus, with distinct quality, and they can be refined to improve their Stats and quality. FlagOnce reaching Ultimate level 2, you are undoubtedly the senior player in DAW world, who deserve to have your own symbol. The Flag could be your personal sign. The Flag system is upgraded by consuming items. Its progress bar has different stages to improve and unlock passive skills. The player needs to reach certain levels to equip certain flags. Do you want to unlock new flags and equip your hero with them? Start your journey through the Ultimate Level!


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