slipped my heels off and set them down next to the door before Lady Peepmaking my way across the apartment. It was quiet, and I assumed that Steven was either resting in the bedroom or working in his home office. LoafersBefore I had a chance to check, the bedroom door opened, and he walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist, his normally perfect hair all mussed up. ;Olivia, what are you doing here?rdquo; he said, closing the door tightly behind him.;Arenrsquo;t you supposed to be at work?rdquo; A look of panic flashed across his features as he positioned himself between the door and me. His surprise was odd considering that our apartment was only a fifteen-minute walk from the office. It wasnrsquo;t like LouisI worked across the state and a quick trip home was out of the question. ;Irsquo;m on my lunch break,rdquo; I explained.;Lynn told me that you went home sick and I wanted to check on you. I brought you some soup from that place downtown that youmdash;rdquo;I stopped mid-sentence


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