A high school student in Melbourne, Australia hacked Apple servers multiple times, got his hands on 90GB worth of “secure” files, and stuck the loot in a folder titled “hacky hack hack”.On Thursday, he pleaded guilty in an Australian children’s court.Details are sketchy, but it sounds like the teen – who’s described as being well-known in hacking circles – probably used virtual private networks (VPNs), Tor and other tools to try to hide his tracks.At any rate, Australian newspaper The Age reported that the high schooler, who can’t be named because he’s a minor, developed “computerized tunnels and online bypassing systems” to exfiltrate the files.But, try as he might, his tracks got logged: Apple’s systems recorded the serial numbers of the MacBooks from which the attacks were launched. The Age reports that prosecutors told the court that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided the teen’s home last year.


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