A HUGE MEETING SOON -VLOG 1 Whats good people, today I am working on getting consistent because it is really want makes people a huge success. I have been back and forth on my Keto Diet and when I am consistent, I lose body fat without fail. When my consistency falls off, I gain weight. Its just that simple. So I am going to do nothing but be consistent and see where that lands me.A HUGE MEETING SOON - VLOG 1 My family is extremely important to me and me becoming the best that I can be is the driving force behind everything that I do. My diet is hugely important so that I can reach my goal of becoming the best. That is why Keto is so important to me. The Ketogenic Diet is the very best diet out there because it hits all of the issues that people will have. Not only that but it is perfect for eating comfortably.


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